Body & Soul is a salon and day spa for men and women from all over the world.  Light skin, dark skin, soft skin, hard skin -  straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair... we have you covered.  Call today, or make an appointment HERE for a body treatment, waxing service, natural hair care, braids & extensions, or hand & foot care service. Check out our gallery HERE. 
Textured Hair Services
65% of the World has some form of textured hair. Whether wavy, curly, coily, tight, zigzag or a combination of textures..  Wavy textures want Frizz control, Curly textures want definition and Coiled, Tight and ZigZag textures want hydration and moisture.  We specialize in textured hair, not just the look but the health of the hair.  We charge a base price of $75 for the first 90 minutes of the textured/natural hair service and $30 for each additional hour, as each client's hair density, texture, length and desired style is different. 
$75+  Twists (Single, 2 strand, 3 strand, flat) Spirals,                 Coils, Lacers, Loc Starter and Loc Maintenance
$50    Textured Hair Maintenance
$150  Curl Controller (defrizzes and helps to define
          texture with no heat applied) lasts up to 2 months
$75    Textured Hair Cut     

$50    Cornrows
$80 - $120 Cornrows with added extension hair
$25    Braid Removal or Detangling  1st 1/2 hour
$20    Braid Removal or Detangling  each additional 1/2             hour

Hair Treatment Options for Textured and Chemically Altered Hair
$30    Vital Shot Reparative Remedy
          Rebuild the hair's resilience and reduce breakage with a
          targeted dose of keratin

$150  Vital Shot Reparative Remedy Series of 6
$35    12 minute Deep Hydration Treatment
          A unique blend of proteins and 21 Amino Acids help to
          relink the molecular layer with the cuticle giving it
          managability and strength.

$175  12 minute Deep Hydration Treatment Series of 6
$40    Masque Maximizers
             Pamper your hair with a keratin-boosting, luxuriously rich
             and hydrating masque experience.  Each Masque is blended
             with a Vital Shot.  Choose from one of three customized

          -Aromatherapy Escape
          -Blonde Bombshell
          -Haute Hydration
$200  Masque Maximizers Series of 6

$405    Ouidad Moisture Pack
          A self-warming masque that repensiches moisture,
          repairing and restoring the lipid barrier to promote
          the health of your curls.  It aids in comb-ability due
          to the lipids sealing the cuticle.

$225  Ouidad Moisture Pack Series of 6

$50       Lanza Emergency Hair Repair
$25       Fiberfyl Repair Treatment
$25       SuperPac
$25       Scalp Treatment

Hair Removal Services

Facial Waxing:
$15   Brow, Lip, Chin, Ears or Neckline
$40   3 facial areas

Body Waxing:
$50   Full Arms or Legs
$35   Half Arms or Half Legs
$20   Underarms
$15   Fingers or Toes
$50   Back or Chest
$50   Bikini (more than 4 wks of growth)
$30   Bikini maintenance (Within 4 wks)
$50   Special Pleasures
        (heart, diamond, sphinx or brazilian)
$75   Full Monty

Hair Care Services

All hair care and chemical services are based upon hair that is shoulder length or shorter. An additional $20 charge will be added to hair lengths past the shoulder.  

Basic Services
$40   Hair Maintenance (wash/dry/style)

$35   Senior Hair Maintenance 65+ (wash/dry/style)
$60   Press & Curl
$50   Fingerwaves
$60   Hair Cuts (cut & dry)
$15   Clipper Cut
$25   Trim (split ends)
$65   Updos

Keratin Complex & Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Systems

These smoothing systems are specially formulated to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair while reducing frizz and curl. These advanced formulas restore and restructure the hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin to the cuticle, relaxing the hair’s subcuticle layer. Smoothing Services work great in conjunction with relaxers and color services.  They extend the life of your color, locking in color vibrancy and brillance.  The deep conditioning of the keratin provides revitalization and rejuvenation from the damaging effects that color and relaxers reap on your hair.  For textured hair clients that want to defrizz and maximize their texture these treatments offer amazing results for our tresses.  Want to loosen your texture or elongate your hair, this treatment is for you!

$350 Keratin Complex Signature Smoothing Treatment              Lasts 3 - 5 months;  3 day wait time
Keratin Same Day Smoother
         Lasts up to 3 months; No wait time
$125 Express KC Blowout - The speedy Smoothing
         Treatment  Lasts 4 - 6 weeks; 8 hour wait time
$250 Brazilian Blowout  Lasts 10-12 Weeks; No wait time
BB Split End Repairing Treatment Lasts 4 weeks

            A Thermo-Marine Bonding system that is a heat activated protein-
            enriched technology that gathers and binds together broken and split
            ends while the super nutrient complex smooths the cuticle.  The end
            result is stronger, healthier ends defended against damage caused by
            heat styling, hot tools and environmentsal stress.

Chemical Hair Services  (includes style)
All hair care and chemical services are based upon hair that is shoulder length or shorter. An additional $20 charge will be added to hair lengths past the shoulder.  
$120  Anti-Curl Relaxer
$100  Anti-Curl Retouch Relaxer
$60    Anti-Curl Hairline Touch Up
$95    Texturizer
$75    Wave Nouveau/Care Free Curl
$125  Permanent Wave

$120  Hair Color
$100  Hair Color Maintenance
$150  Double Process Hair Color
$125  Double Process Maintenance
$200  Highlights/Lowlights
$125  Partial Highlights/Lowlights (10-12 foils)

$50    Add to color service, add'l Highlight/Lowlight Color

$50    Add to a color service, Color Shine
*Color Correction upon consultation only

Hair Extensions

$150  Pronto (Quick) Weave
$25    Single row of Pronto (Quick) Weave
$275  Braided Weave

$35    Single row of Braided Weave
$50    Braided Weave Removal
$20    Hott Links Color Pops
$400  Micro Link Extensions
$75    Micro Link Removal
$600  Hot Fusion Hair Extensions
$800  Cold Fusion Hair Extensions
$150  Fusion Removal

$275  Tape-In Extensions
$75    Tape-In Removal and Re-taping
$50    Tape-In Removal or Re-taping

 A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid when your Extension Service appointment is scheduled. A consultation appointment is required prior to scheduling this service. During this consultation appointment we will determine the best extension method for your lifesyle and hair type. We will also discuss your desired hair texture and color.  Extension Hair is not included in the pricing.

Cosmetic Services

$350-600 Permanent Make-up Applications
$25 Strip Lash Application
$50 Personal Make-up Session
$40 Lash and Brow Tint
$25 Lash or Brow Tint

Xtreme Lash Sets:
$200       Xtreme Lash Opener 45-60 Lashes per eye
$275       Custom Lash Set 65-85 lashes per eye

Xtreme Relash Service:
Book your service based upon the number of lashes that need to be replaced.  
$50          1/8 of the lashes replaced
$80          1/4 of the lashes replaced
$120        1/2 of the lashes replaced
$150        2/3 of the lashes replaced

Hand & Foot Care Services
$50   Shellac Manicure
$30   Maintenance Manicure
$50   Spa Pedicure
$40   Down & Dirty Pedicure
$25   Petite Pedi (just cuticle clean up and polish)

What is VINYLUX? 
VINYLUX is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection…without a base coat!
Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending ProLight technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. Finally a polish that ensures—your nails will never let you down! Prolight Technology from the makers of CND Shellac — The Original Power Polish!  
Vinylux is available for at home use as well, So pick your color and grab a weekly top cop coat for durable, resilient week long wear! View the VINYLUX video here.

Multivitamin Exfoliation Treatment:
Hands $25    Feet $35
Polish Change:
Hands $15    Feet $15
Paraffin Treatment:
Hands $20    Feet $30
Natural Nail Treatments:

Hands $10         Feet  $15

Add-ons to Enhancements or Pedicures
$20   Shellac Coating (added to enhancements or pedicures)
$20   Rock Star Glitter Toes (added to enhancements or

We offer CND Liquid & Powder, Brisa and Brisa Lite Gel Enhancements!

*Custom Color Enhancements: Designed to match your natural nail color, match a shade you love or accessorize for a special occasion.

Full Set Enhancements:
$90   Custom Color
$25   Custom Color Charge (6 month supply)
$75   Forever French (Pink & White)
$60   Clear

$25   Enhancement Soak Off

Maintenance Rebalancing
$55   Custom Color
$45   Forever French (Pink & White)
$35   Clear

Repairs: 2 complimentary with Maintenance
$10     Custom Color
$7.50  Forever French
$5       Clear

Skin Care Services

Face Mapping: Know Your Skin - Free
A thourough analysis of your skin to identify potential problems, unique needs and how to professionally treat them.

The Core Face Treatment   $60
A Dermalogica customized basic facial using pure ingredients designed for maximum results depending on your specific skin type and individual needs. A combination of cleansing, exfoliation, healing masks, moisturizing and solar defense will leave your skin replenished hydrated, purified and protected.
Time: 60 minutes When: Monthly

AgeSmart Facial  $75
It's never too early to age smart. Fight the effects of environment, sun and stress which cause the signs of aging to speed up the aging of your skin
Time: 60 Minutes  When:  Based on Aging needs

Skin Clearing Medibac Facial  $75
Clearing Resistive Acne for a brighter, smoother complexion
Time:  60 Minutes   When:  Based on Acne Stage

Microzone Treatments: Fix Skin Problems
$25 or Free with your purchase of $100 or
more of Dermalogica products

Bothersome Breakouts? Tired Eyes? Dull Skin? The 20 minute skin fix that gets you in, gets skin repaired and gets you out the door in a snap! That means no changing out of your clothes, no Fuss and Big Results!
  1. Flash Exfoliation
  2. Eye Rescue
  3. Rapid Spot Clearing
  4. Lip Renewal
  5. Men's Skin Fitness
  6. Breakout/Freakout (Blackhead Relief)
  7. Clean STARTing
Time: 20 minutes When: when you need it

Add On Treatments to Core or Microzone  $15
Touch Therapies: thermal stamp (back), stress relief (back), aroma-point (face), deep tissue (face and shoulders), reflex point (feet) and Nap Time (all over)

Time: 15 minutes When: when you need it

Bio-Active Peel   $150 includes aftercare kit
Chemical Peels are one of the most popular professional skin care services today because they can improve the quality, texture and color of the skin.  With Bio-Active Peel, you can get the same powerful results without the associated risks or downtime.  In fact, your skin will look and feel healthier than ever:  Available in Series of 6 for $600

Green Peel Classic Facial 

Renew your Skin! Many people with clearly-visible skin problems wish for renewed skin, but without harmful chemicals and without cosmetic surgery. That shouldn't be asking too much. The original Green Peel Classic method has been successful for more that 50 years, renewing, refreshing and revitalizing your skin.  Treatment can be provided monthly.

*Includes At-home treatment products and follow-up Facial.

Green Peel Energy Facial  $200
The Vitality and Regeneration Kick for the Skin!
This is a treatment that keeps its promise - it gives skin a surge of energy that is immediately noticeable. It is a well-directed intensive treatment for skin in need of regeneration. The activiation of the blood circulation and metabolish results in natural skin improvements.  This medium-depth curative treatment is designed to be used in a series of 4 Energy Facials to happen bi-weekly.

Series of 4 Green Peel Energy Facials  $640

Green Peel Fresh Up Facial  $175
Illuminate Your Skin! The Gentle Method for more Freshness and Slower Aging! This treatment is for all customer who want a bit more; for example: a gentle complexion refresher, increased absorption for active ingredients or effective hydration of the skin - to mention but a few of the many possibilities.  This treatment can be provided weekly.

Wedding Services

$110 Brides Wedding Day Hair Style    
$75   Brides Wedding Day Makeup
$150 Brides Wedding Day Package
includes wedding day hair style and makeup
$85   Bridesmaids, Family & Attendants Hair Style
$60   Bridesmaids, Family & Attendants Makeup
$110 Bridesmaids & Family Wedding Day Package
includes wedding day hair style and makeup
Facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and spa meals are available for an additional cost and will be provided at Body & Soul prior to the wedding day!

Body & Soul offers on-site wedding services. There is a $100 trip charge for weddings in the Denver metro area. Additional mileage charges will apply for travel outside of the Denver metro area.


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